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With one month of use you can get rid of small fat pads. 0% CBD, 0% THC. 

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This package is only for users who really want to change their lives. 0% CBD, 0% THC. 

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This package is also called "the new wardrobe package" by many, because many users no longer fit into their old clothes after successful use and have to resort to smaller sizes. 0% CBD, 0% THC. 

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Customer reviews 4.7/5

from Kayleigh Jordan on 21.06.2022

A friend of mine recommended these drops to help me lose weight in a natural way. I always take the drops in the morning and evening as described, and they work just as well. I feel really fit, but I still eat less. I simply feel less hungry. This is noticeable in my trousers. I am super satisfied.

from Maddison Hope on 19.06.2022

Great product, I can only recommend it. It helped me lose 8kg. I will continue to take it.

from Paige Taylor on 17.06.2022

I have been taking the product for 3 weeks and have lost 3 kg. I hope that it continues to help, as the scales have been standing still for over 1 week.

from Leah Sharpe on 12.06.2022

Thank you 🙏The drops are good 😊,have helped so far.they could be a bit cheaper.

from Marica on 05.06.2022

Everything great no more hunger and much more energy. Just ordered again

from Ruby Fowler on 04.06.2022

I tried K2 in summer 2020 and lost almost 5 kilos in 4 weeks without paying attention to my diet.... Haven't done much since January due to this stupid lockdown (not often outside and no exercise and ate more) and unfortunately gained weight again... ordered 2 more bottles in the middle of march to put an end to my weight gain... now it's mid April and I'm 5 kilograms lighter again... I still have 4 weeks to go with the last bottle and I think I will definitely lose another 4 kilos... I find the taste quite OK, I always drink some water afterwards because then the active ingredients are better absorbed... so I give it 5 stars... customer service was also very nice when I asked them about the dosage...

from Kiera Vincent on 29.05.2022

Super satisfied, no cravings, much more energy, I have been using the product for 4 weeks now and have lost 7 kilos.

from Matthew Walters on 29.05.2022

very good

from Samuel Hartley on 26.05.2022

The very first product that helped me lose weight, I have tried so many things and they just don't go away.... but with this product I am really positively surprised!!!! The taste is ok, but as my grandma always says, it's not supposed to taste good, it's supposed to help ;)

from Jacqueline Hughes on 25.05.2022

everything worked out very well, much less hunger and I have already lost quite a few inches from my waist after 2.5 weeks and I am doing well, I can only recommend it

from Meg Dyer on 21.05.2022

Hello From what age can my teenagers take the drops? Does anyone know? And they really help, I have already tried many things. Thanks already

from Keine on 19.05.2022

Die Tropfen sind super man hat das heiß Hunger Gefühl nicht mehr nun was ich schade finde das zahlt man knapp 50€ für eine Flasche und es kommt in einer Briefumschlag ohne verpackung ohne Anwendungen einfach eine Flasche in Briefumschlag verpackt und versendet

from Courtney Murray on 19.05.2022

Yes, I have the feeling that the metabolism is noticeably stimulated! I've been testing the drops for 3 weeks now and have already lost 2 cm on my belly. Definitely recommended.

from Marina Marina on 15.05.2022

I have emptied my 2nd bottle and have lost 9 to 10 kilos and my belly has definitely lost weight. I also have the feeling that i have lost weight on my feet because I fit into my balerinas again 😂 😂 I have now ordered another bottle. As of yet, I have only used the drops before breakfast and lunch. They don't taste that great but they do have an effect. Love, Marina

from Gemmimah Swingler on 13.05.2022

Hello I started with the drops last week and was skeptical about it but hey I lost 3.6kg in one week. It really suppresses the appetite. I've also told my friends about it 😁.

from Maria on 10.05.2022

This is already my second order with you... The first time worked very well without hunger... now I let myself go a bit too long and are too much barbeque at home and there are some added kilos again... but no problem... just ordered again to cure the chubs with it... hoping for a fast delivery again... thank you very much. Maria

from Samira Webb on 07.05.2022

my second order with you... everything went well the first time and 5 kilos are down... but still need a little more... thank you for the fast delivery!

from Traudi Giovanni on 07.05.2022

Hello, why can't I order this product in South Tyrol / Italy? Thank you Traudi Raich / Merano / Italy

from Katie Stokes on 03.05.2022

Item was delivered quickly and tried immediately. No side effects except for good weight loss and good bowel movements. Lost 10kg in the first 2 weeks. I am super enthusiastic. The drops also curb the appetite so that you don't feel so hungry. I am. Absolutely thrilled after trying so many expensive products and nothing worked. I ate as normal and still lost weight. Product is absolutely recommendable 5 stars

from Geraldine Butters on 02.05.2022

Less cravings and appetite have made a big difference for me. In the first week the scale showed no change, in the second week I noticed an effect on my waistband and in the third week there were already 3 kilos less on the scales. I have not changed my diet - so I am very satisfied.

from Marianne Howard on 02.05.2022

I have been taking the drops for 2 weeks now and have lost 3 kilos and already feel much better. I'm not on a diet, but I still watch what I eat. I always had cravings for sweets before, but that has now been greatly reduced, although I still snack from time to time. I ordered the offer of 3 bottles right now, because I want to continue.

from Morgan Holland on 01.05.2022

Super product, fast delivery. Within 3 weeks, thanks to weight loss and noticeably reduced hunger, I went down from size 54 to 52.

from Holly McDonald on 01.05.2022

First delivery was very fast. Last one unfortunately took 5 days. Could have been Corona-related, but still. The product is good. I also like the environmentally friendly packaging.

from Georgia Browne on 29.04.2022

It actually helped my friend to lose almost 6 kg in one month without changing her lifestyle, but the dosage should be more precise. I'm going to order a bottle to try out if it helps me, it's worth the high price.

from Eleanor Wright on 28.04.2022

I have been taking these drops for 3 weeks now and I am deeply impressed with how they work. I didn't expect it, but it works unbelievably. The first week I lost almost 1.5 kilos, the second week I lost 2 kilos and the third week I lost 2 kilos. I haven't changed my diet and I don't do any exercise. Maybe I don't eat cake every day anymore, but apart from that I haven't changed anything, only my body has changed. I was skeptical, not because of the price, but whether the drops really work. I can only say: yes, it really works. You should try it out and make up your own mind. I will make these drops my daily companion and will certainly have a supply in my cupboard, that's for sure. I have also spoken to friends and advised everyone to try it out for themselves, for me at least it works almost frighteningly. Brilliant and thumbs up for this experience I was allowed to make!!! It's just stupid that all my clothes are too big now....

from Marina Erne on 22.04.2022

Everything is great as always I have now ordered another bottle the first one lost 7 kilos but i still need a little less on my ribs

from Isie on 22.04.2022

I started with the drops on 19.6.21 after 4-day delivery days delivery. I know worse tastes (e.g. corn as I don't like it). I take 3 drops 3 times a day half an hour before I might eat. My appetite is less now💪 I don't have ravenous hunger as much anymore but it does happen (mostly for sweets) I also find that my portions are smaller 🤔 but I am full..after 3 days my waist is 3 cm less and lost 300grams 👍💪 so it works and takes its time that makes me positive and takes away my doubts that it wouldn't work.... LG Isie until next time 😊

from Chelsea Woods on 20.04.2022

everything worked out very well I ordered again thank you

from Alisha Parkin on 19.04.2022

I'm ordering again for the first time this year. last year i ordered in November. lost 4.8 kilos straight away. It's always been hard for me. Unfortunately I ate the weight back over the last month and I always have to stay at home at the moment and just hang around and like to eat. Now I've ordered another 2 bottles so that I can reach my dream weight. Please send them as quickly as last time. Thanks. 😋

from Abbie Stewart on 17.04.2022

Where do I start... I definitely have less appetite due to the drops and accordingly I eat less. In combination with regular exercise, my body has definitely changed to the better. After one week, the scale has definitely only shown a difference of 1 kg (but, always remember, muscles are heavier than fat), but the trousers on my stomach are much looser. One star is definitely deducted for the taste!

from Alexandra Horton on 16.04.2022

I lost 9 kilograms with 2 bottles I ordered 2 months ago and now I don't fit into the trousers I've had to wear for the last few years as they're now too big for me. Of course, it's not so great to go shopping during Corona. But luckily I found trousers with a narrower waistband in the Otto catalogue that fit perfectly. I have now ordered another bottle because I still have a few spots on my thighs that need to be thinner. By the way, it's great that your packaging and the glass bottle are environmentally friendly and that you don't use plastic crap!

from Petra Neumann on 14.04.2022

Drops have started to have an effect on me. I'm much less hungry and also more active. No stomach problems. I often have that. So everything is good. Almost reached my goal. Should have ordered 2 bottles to begin with. That would have been cheaper than ordering another one now! Kind regards Petra Neumann

from Madison Jetson on 14.04.2022

I lost 4 kg in three weeks. I also find the taste very good. It has something earthy. All in all, a very good product.

from Joe Gilmor on 12.04.2022

I have been taking the drops for a week now and I can already see results. I have a pair of jeans that I could only put on with a button extender. Now I no longer need it. I can close them normally and they fit perfectly. I am curious to see what happens next.

from Roberta Wilkins on 08.04.2022

I have now ordered it for the 3rd time. The first time I lost 4 kilos in 3 weeks 🤗Really good!!!! But I don't understand how you can lose 8 kilos in 3 weeks 🤔 Well, I do 8 hours of sport a day. And eat normally....and for me it was only enough for half....but the main thing is that it works and losing weight slowly is also better. And it could indeed be a bit cheaper!!!

from Laura on 08.04.2022

Easy to take, doesn't taste as bad as some people claim and has already had a great effect on me (especially reduced cravings for sweets and fatty foods). Thank you for the fast delivery.

from Ewan Pearson on 07.04.2022

It's really worth it, I've been testing it for 1 month and I've already gone from a size 38 to a size 36.

from Rosie Sanderson on 01.04.2022

I find it too expensive could make it cheaper

from Silvia Martin on 30.03.2022

Sorry that I have to write this here. I have just ordered for the first time and can't give a verdict yet, but when I hear that I have tried a lot of things, nothing helped. This, however, is great. I have already lost a lot of weight, but it is too expensive, so I ask myself what did you pay for everything that didn't help? I also want to add that the intake should be better described, because not many can understand it. That said, I'M GLAD THAT THERE IS SOMETHING THAT HELPS AND THAT YOU CAN FINALLY LOOK IN THE MIRROR AGAIN AND BE HAPPY.

from Rainer Reinsch-Rumsch on 26.03.2022

Dear k-drops team, I would like to thank you very much because you have helped me a lot with your excellent product. By taking the drops rectally three times a day, my rectum experienced a pleasant stimulation, which in turn stimulated my bowel movements to such an extent that the exorbitant amount of excrement swelled to ever new records. Relevant stains on the stuccoed ceiling can attest to this. Corona does not exist at all if the excrement quantity is correct. As my wife, Mrs. Agneta Rumsch, whom I met on the motorway toilet between Braunschweig and Pforzheim, always says. Rainer, could it be that your name is Reinsch? Thank you very much Your deeply devoted Rainer Reinsch-Rumsch

from Dodo on 25.03.2022

How do I take the product please?

from Eloise Richardson on 24.03.2022

I have been taking it for 3 weeks, unfortunately no change in weight ... Cravings have become less and you get full faster...The taste is debatable

from Jenny Dodger on 24.03.2022

all good like last time thank you

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